Narcissistic Trauma


What is Narcissistic Trauma?

Note that every adult has at least some narcissistic traits or we would not have healthy boundaries or even sanity.  The volume and quality of narcissistic traits fall on a continuum and are not necessarily unhealthy as previously explained.  However, Individuals who have a narcissistic tendency tend to be opportunistic at the expense of others, have no respect for authority or other people, pathological self-absorption due to profound ego deficiency, and lack the ability for empathy.

Narcissistic Personality (NPD) is a diagnosis by a qualified clinician.  Diagnosed individuals have extreme, pathological, and pervasive narcissistic tendency.  By adulthood, it’s unlikely to have never experienced narcissistic trauma but that does not mean the perpetrator had Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  

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Am I Traumatized?

How Could This Have Happened To Me?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Recovery from Narcissistic Trauma


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